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image of hotel lobby by Matthew Shaw Detail of hotel room in Zurich by spa detail by MATTHEW SHAW Hotel Photography

How many photographs can you take in one day?
Probably the number one question... it really varies. A hotel bathroom can take less than an hour to photograph whilst a hotel ballroom could take three hours. Generally, I aim for around 7 to 11 photographs per day.

Do you charge by the day?
No- I generally receive a brief and will then quote for the whole shoot.

Do you use any additional lighting?
Lots- the real skill is blending in our lights with the existing room lighting and make everything look natural. Most of the image on this website used around 10 lights to produce.

Is there anything we can do in advance?
Again, lots! We have a set of preparation notes we send out in advance to help Housekeeping, Engineering etc on how best to be ready for the shoot.

How quickly can we receive the photographs?
Usually around ten days after the shoot- we appreciate there may be an urgent need for some photographs and can usually pick 4 or 5 to rush process in 72 hours.

Can we preview the hotel photographs online?
Yes- after the shoot, we will upload a preview web gallery for approval. Once approved, the images are sent out as a digital release.

What format are the photographs in ?
We provide a set of high-resolution tiff files which are large 300dpi RGB files for printing at the best quality. We also send high-resolution jpeg images of the same size but compressed and these can be e-mailed to a printer or magazine if required. Finally, we also include a set of low-resolution jpeg images, suitable for web use, e-mailing to clients and PowerPoint presentations.

What equipment do you use?
Whatever is best suited for the shoot- mostly, it's Phase One digital medium format. These give large A3 size files for maximum cropping flexibility.

Do you have anything in print we can see?
Absolutely, I produce a variety of portfolios and printed pieces throughout the year- if you would like a copy, drop me a line and one will be mailed out.